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Photos from SIPO
In another step toward stronger economic relations between China and Taiwan, a historic conference on cross-strait patent issues is being held this week at the National Center for Traditional Arts in Ilan, Taiwan.

From November 16th to 23rd, members of China's State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), Taiwan's Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), IP scholars and industry professionals will convene for informal discussions and a formal two-day forum on cross-strait patent issues.

Nine high-ranking officials from SIPO, including Deputy Director Li Yuguang have flown to Taiwan to join the conference. TIPO officials, including Director Wang Mei Hua will also participate, marking the first time these high-ranked officials will have met for face-to-face discussions.

The stated goals of the conference include enabling better understanding of each side's IP protection and regulation systems; sharing experiences with patent examination, examiner training, and quality control issues; and building a channel for communication.

At the forum and during discussions, the two sides will put forward and discuss three topics: mutual recognition of patent examination results; mutual recognition of priority rights; and allowing Taiwanese citizens to participate in the qualifying examination for Mainland China patent agents.

However, during this meeting, officials expect only to first proceed with administrative-related issues, including formal establishment of cross-strait relations within the offices; beginning formal correspondence and business relations; creating a channel for exchange of documents, and so on.

The forum, held on November 18th to 19th, and the discussions, ending on the 23rd, were organized and run by Taiwan's Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI) on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


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