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Digging for Diamonds at the EPO

Money-saving patenting tips brought to you by the Patent Penny Pincher

It's time to stake your claim in the field of IP Valuations.

Up for grabs is IPscore, a FREE IP Valuation software...

Yes, you heard it, for FREE!

The generous host is none other than the European Patent Office (EPO).

Get More from your patents with IPscore

IPscore is the EPO's patent evaluation software, acquired from the Danish Patent Office who developed the tool in collaboration with industry.

IPscore helps users generate both qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the patent(s) or technology they wish to analyse. In particular, IPscore creates a financial forecast by using tried and tested assessment factors (in total 40 factors)

Furthermore, after feeding the IPscore software with the relevant information needed for the IP evaluation, the software also provides a number reports which reveal different dimensions of the qualitative evaluation and the financial forecast. These reports include a Radar profile, a Strategic profile, Net present value, and four graphic Charts which visually assist interpretation of the evaluations.

The various reports, charts, and financial values will provide the interested parties with an overall view of the assessment factors and is useful for dialogue and for interpreting how the different categories of assessment affect the value of the patent.

Why Should I Use IPscore?

By using IPscore, applicants, technology transfer institutes, banks and venture capitalists, to name but a few, will be able to attach a value to the intellectual property they're dealing with—whether it be in the form of licensing agreements, financing arrangements, mergers and takeovers, or even enforced valuations.

For example, if you're an inventor or business with its own patents, you can use IPscore to evaluate your individual patents, patented technologies, R&D projects (even if no patent exists yet), or any other ideas (know-how) or proposals.

If you're business owner or CEO, IPscore can help you align your company’s patent strategy and make the best use of your patents as a business tool.

In general, IPscore is a handy tool for evaluating your patents & technology by giving you a number to work with, allowing for strategic IP dialogue within your company, as well as providing a guide for spotting prospective growth and chances to save costs.

In addition, once you have a value linked to your technology, it will be easier for you to negotiate license agreements, make investment decisions, or obtain public funding.

And of course, it's FREE!

Learn More or Get Started Now

IPscore is a Microsoft Access-based tool, which can be effortlessly downloaded from the EPO website.

In addition, the EPO supplies training in the form of an introductory 30 minute IPscore presentation as well as a two day Patent Evaluation Training Course (hurry, the next one starts on the 16th of November 2009, Vienna)

Don't be red-faced next time you meet with your banker, licensee, accountant or investors.
Join the diamond rush and get your own patent evaluation now with the immaculate IPscore.

EPO IPscore Mini-site

Video Introduction to IPscore
IPscore Forum
IPscore Manual

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Happy Hour at the UK IPO

Money-saving patenting tips brought to you by the Patent Penny Pincher

(Every Mon. ~ Fri. between 9am and 5 pm!)

Good news bargain hunters! The United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) has a special offer on patent opinions. For only £200 you can now obtain a valid opinion on the validity of infringement status of any UK patent. That's right, only £200!

Not only will this service save you money, it will save you time and give you some peace of mind....

Already thinking that this is too good to be true? That there MUST be a catch?!!

Well, to be honest, the Patent Penny Pincher thought so too, but in fact, the UK IPO is offering this service to help reduce costs related to patent infringement disputes, which in turn will hopefully lead to less wasted resources.

Now let have a closer look at what’s at offer:

1) UK IPO Opinion:
Since 2005 the UK IPO has been offering opinions in an attempt to resolve patent disputes. The opinion consists of a balanced and impartial assessment of the essential issue of an anticipated or real dispute.

2) Cost?
The Cost for an opinion – payable to the UK IPO is £200 (roughly NT$ 10 000).
Not a bad price at all, considering that some Patent Attorneys' hourly rate is more than that!

3) Timing?
From the date of submitting your request for an opinion until receiving the opinion takes no more than 3 months.

4) Target Customers
1. If you are a patent owner or an exclusive licensee facing a patent dispute, you'd like to have some opinion on the validity of infringement status of your or even your opponent's patent. In some cases the opinion provided by the UK IPO might help to resolve the dispute, saving a lot of time, money and discomfort. On the other hand, if the dispute eventually ends up in court, you would have had time to consider your options based on reliable opinions.

2. If you're a free-thinking liberal with money to spare, you might want to do some opinion digging in the patent office archives and sell your "knowledge" to the patent werewolves eager to sue! (not a bad past-time for a vindictive soul)

5) Important Things to Know
1. Since the launch of this service, the IPO has provided 100 opinions!
2. Applications & results are released to the public here, so if you'd rather keep things quiet, the Patent Penny Pincher suggests you avoid this service.

6) Who are the trend setters?
During the past four years, companies big and small have made use of the UK IPO's opinion service, but some of the "big" names include Marks & Spencer PLC and Unilever PLC. It goes without saying that these are professional opinions, provided by knowledgeable UK IPO practitioners who are as (and if not more) capable as most very expensive patent attorneys.

200£ for a bit of peace of mind and a lot of knowledge, spend wisely!
As they say: An ounce of common sense is worth a pound of theory...

-The Patent Penny (& Pound) Pincher.

UK IPO Opinions Service Page

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