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11/14/2008 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • As an attempt at reducing backlogs and duplication of work, Patent office teamwork intensifies. - The patent offices of the US, Europe, Japan, Korea and China has recently joined forces to improve efficiency in the time, quality and amount of patents prosecuted at the various patent offices. For more on the activities planned by this cooperation, read here.
  • Hopes for a single European patent jurisdiction fading fast. - The clock is ticking away for France's European Presidency (ends 31st of December) and the prospect of having a single European Patent under French rule is dull. To make things even more complicated, the Spanish are adamant about language issues regarding such proposed community patent and smaller states are worried about the fee structure of the community patent. Read here for more on the status of the European Community Patent.
  • Keep up with amendments to the Implementing Regulations to the European Patent Convention. - For a concise discussion of the amendments taken by the Administrative Council on the 21st of October 2008, read here.


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