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11/07/2008 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • What IP challenges face Barack Obama? Well, appointment of a new USPTO director and IP Czar, the Patent Reform Act and USTR Special 301, among many others. This article lists some of the most pressing issues and also links to Obama's official statement on technology here. (from IAM)
  • For those interested in EU, How to get a European patent - Pt 2. Recently updated, this "Euro-PCT Guide" covers procedure when the EPO acts as a receiving office, international searching authority, international preliminary examining authority, or designated/elected office. Find out more in Pt. 1
  • Despite the downward spiraling economy, "It's No Time to Forget About Innovation". An article with a treasure trove of quotes, including "The last thing you want to do with innovation is just throw money at it. It’s a very tricky balance", "hard times can be the source of innovative inspiration" and a personal favorite, "Creativity doesn't care about economic downturns.” (from NYTimes)
  • Production slowing you down? Try self replication. By coating micrometer-sized particles of metal, glass or plastic with specially-encoded DNA, scientists have discovered a way to "induce" those particles to self-assemble in to complex shapes and structures. And since each coated particle has these instructions, production is easily scaled up exponentially. (from New Scientist)


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