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11/21/2008 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • China Gets Grilled on Copyright Law. - And by the US, Japan, EU and Canada. As part of its ascension to the WTO, China undergoes an annual Transitional Review Mechanism (TRM) by the TRIPs Council. IP Dragon reports on some the QA session. (from IP Dragon)
  • What if geniuses just got lucky? - Malcolm Gladwell brings new attention to the argument that many geniuses are more the product of society than their own talent. See how he applies this theory to inventors and IP in an earlier article here. (from Newsweek)
  • One of Obama's transition team members has strong ideas on the US Patent System. - Among them: completely scrapping the system. Slashing the number of patents granted by 90%. And tripling the USPTO budget. (From 271 Patent)


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