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Taiwan Begins Accelerated Examination Program

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) has initiated an Accelerated Examination (AE) program that will take into consideration the examination results conducted by foreign Patent Offices. Through the program, invention patent applications may receive examinations results in as quick as six months depending on field of technology. Applications will be accepted for a trial period beginning January 1st 2009 and lasting for a duration of one year.

Taiwan currently does not participate in any Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) programs with other Patent Offices, but the AE program will follow the same general principles and procedures. Unlike PPH programs, however, applications at TIPO already under substantive review will still qualify. Acceptable examination results must be from corresponding applications in foreign Patent Offices that have been granted—no restriction has been set as to which foreign Patent Offices are acceptable.

More information, including requirements, can be found on the TIPO website here (Chinese only).


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