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01/16/2008 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • Watch out! The changes in Chinese Patent Law are coming. - The changes to Chinese patent law go into effect in October. What effects will these changes have on the behavior of Chinese companies? What concerns do they have? Also how will it influence trends in the industry? This article provides a brief overview of theses issues that surely will become major points of focus in the coming years. (from IP Watch)
  • Apply for Chinese Copyrights in Japan. - A joint venture by the Copyright Protection Center of China and several Japanese companies, called the Golden Bridge Co., will allow Japanese companies to register copyrights for China in Japan. In addition to cost savings from not having to hire Chinese lawyers as agents, companies can significantly reduce wait time by up to two weeks. (from Daily Yomiuri Shinbum)
  • Zen And the Art Of Intellectual Property in China. - An interesting look (and meditation, of sorts) on how commercialization/industrialization is being used to spread the ideas of the Shaolin Monastery: Zen Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicines, and everyone's favorite: Martial Arts. (from IP Dragon)
  • Imagine a world free from DRM, copyrights and patents. - A thought that perhaps many of us had, now unleashed onto the Internet. Here the comments are the main attraction, with some insightful, some ridiculous, and some irrelevant, but all entertaining. (from TG Daily)


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