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01/09/2008 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • The end of an era: John Dudas Resigns. - As expected and predicted by many, the much maligned USPTO director will resign, official January 20th. IAM blog recaps some crucial issues during his tenure, in which both much changed, and much that was supposed to change didn't. (from IAM Blog)
  • Who are the IP world's top dogs of 2008? - IEEE has compiled a comprehensive "scorecard" of businesses with the strongest and most influential IP portfolios. Based on their Pipeline Power metric, the list provides some surprising names and is perhaps a preview of the patent leaders of the future. (from IEEE Spectrum)
  • Software & Business Method Patents for Japan? - A major year-long study set to begin at the end of this month will look at making revisions to Japan Patent Law on topics such as disput resolution, employee inventions, speeding up examinations, improving ease of reading text, and most important: revising the definition of "invention" in protected subject matter. The news article (English) is available here. (from 271)
  • More cautious, reserved hope for Patent Protection in China. - A strong ruling in Shenzhen against software pirates may be a breakthrough for IP holders in China looking to the government for help. However, the question remains: will the rest of China follow Shenzhen? (from China Business Law Blog)


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