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TIPO Announces First Certified Patent Attorneys

Photo provided by TIPO
The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office announced on Oct. 13th that 47 candidates have successfully passed the Taiwan Patent Attorney Exam Exemption course.

The course was open to Taiwan patent agents who met certain criteria in both experience and qualifications, and desired to obtain formal certification as a Taiwan Patent Attorney.

In the Taiwan legal system, the Patent Attorney title will supersede the Patent Agent title, but does not qualify the holder of the certificate as a lawyer as commonly understood in the US or other legal systems.

The title was created as part of the Taiwanese Patent Attorney Act, which went into effect in January 2008. The Act aims to increase the level of professionalism and quality of service and applications. The Act also requires the formation of a Taiwan Patent Attorney Association, which will become a vital participant in shaping the future of the Taiwan IP industry.

Nearly 100 patent agents registered for only 50 open spots, although another five exemption courses will be offered within the next three years. The first course ran from August 15th to September 20th, culminating in a 7-hour exam. Registration for the next course will open November 3rd.

Those who did not qualify for the exemption course may obtain Patent Attorney qualification by taking and passing the Patent Attorney Exam, the first of which was held on August 23rd.

The original press release is available here (Chinese).


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