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10/24/2008 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • Protecting trademarks around the globe. - Directed at US businesses, this article lists out some basic steps on how to begin protecting trademarks globally. Most important to note: trademark applications in China may take up to 3+ years, so the results may not be immediate, but as a first-to-file system, it is still best to take quick action. (from China Law Blog)
  • Despite being a part of China, with regards to IPR, Hong Kong is very different. - For one, all IPR (with the exception of copyright) must be registered separately in China and HK. Additionally, in HK legal proceedings may be conducted in English, compared to Chinese-only for China. More can be found in this article by Danny Friedman of IP Dragon.
  • In the US 1 out of every 3 companies will be sued for IP infringement. - Compare this with only 21% of companies having initiated an infringement suit. Also of note, 52% of tech firms and manufacturers have been sued in the past three years. A report on litigation trends provides an insightful look into the state of IP infringement. Download the study (registration required) here.
  • Who has the spirit of innovation? - Many companies do, according to their CEOs and marketing companies. But for the real innovators, listen to Businessweek, who, each week from now until the end of 2008 will profile a new individual who truly embodies innovation. (from Businessweek)


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