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10/10/2008 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • A checklist on protecting your IP in China. - Some fundamental, but often overlooked steps that any company looking to operate in China must consider. (from MIT Sloan Management Review)
  • Take Taiwan off the Special Watch list! - Progress in enforcing IPR has spurred the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan to request Taiwan be removed from the Special 301 Watch list. The benefits to Taiwan include official recognition as a better IP environment for investment. The letter can be found here. (from IP Dragon)
  • Opportunities are rife for those looking to pick up IP cheaply. - The current financial (economic) crisis is bound to make tons of patents available in the market. Could this mean a renaissance for the patent troll NPE? (from IAM)
  • State of the Patent System from a Judge's viewpoint. - Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Judge Alan D. Lourie's insightful speech on the patent system, including suggestions on approaching the court. The transcript is available here. (from Patently-O)


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