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02/13/2009 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • When push comes to patent pending. - Now that patent reform in the US is again gaining momentum, its time to catch up on current events. This comprehensive article takes a look at the critical issues, potential solutions and potential problems. (from EETimes)
  • The Top 10 Trademark Mistakes In Advertising Campaigns. - Asian companies looking to break into the US market often lack the resources or help on trademark and copyright issues. Fortunately, this list of ten trademark mistakes or assumptions, while intended for US companies, is not useful only to them. (from Mondaq)
  • Yet another link to Why buying patents makes sense during recession. - When the decision comes to laying off employees or continuing to build up an IP portfolio, which would you choose? This article chooses the latter, and briefly makes its argument. What would you do? (from IPEG)
  • Why Patent Defendants Aren't Copycats. - Common belief is that a defendant in a patent infringement trial has somehow copied, reverse engineered or stolen a company's technology. These preconceptions, in turn, have been leveraged by savvy lawyers to influence jurors in patent trials. But sift through the data and you'll find that only 10% or so of cases actually involve copying. (from the Prior Art.)


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