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02/06/2009 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • WTO Dispute: US: 1, China: 0 - The results of the WTO dispute between the US and China were released last week and now some analysis are seeping out. This one (of three planned) goes over the Copyright claims in some good, easy to understand detail. Download the official decision here. (from China Hearsay)
  • Predictably, China continues its rise up the patent charts. - China's Huawei ranks number one on the list of top PCT filers, leading many media outlets to claim that China's takeover as world technology leader is imminent. But ZTE, the second Chinese company on the list, only ranks 38th. Click on the link for a second look at the details, or peruse the data yourself here. (from IP Dragon)
  • WIPO Newsflash: IP can be a Financing Tool. - Businesses are increasingly viewing IP as a financial instrument, but many in the industry is still racing to catch up. As a result, in March, WIPO will hold an open and free meeting for interested parties to learn more and discuss the phenomenon. Registration can be completed here.
  • Media: Is Asia Winning a Race to Patent Ideas in the U.S.?. - According to the numbers, yes. But does quantity equate to quality? Japan, for example, spurs patent filings by rewarding engineers per patent filed, leading to more filings. But that may actually be detrimental to efforts at effectively monetizing ideas. But then again, Canon has followed this model to become a major force in both copiers and cameras. The debate continues. (from BusinessWeek)


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