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12/19/2008 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • What is The Price of Forgoing Basic Research? - An argument that claims basic research conducted by industry has, contrary to popular belief, has been in decline. Additionally, academia has begun a subtle but significant shift toward applied, "industry-relevant" research. So what do these trends portend for innovation? Unless they are corrected soon, nothing very promising.... (from BusinessWeek)
  • Trademark attorneys in China will soon be able to celebrate with Taiwan Beer. - Or maybe not. In February 2009, Taiwan Beer will finally be sold in Mainland China, but does that mean the trademark issues surrounding it will be solved? Maybe not. A brief history is available here. (from IP Dragon)
  • Traditional Knowledge, IP Law & Biopiracy. - When knowledge from centuries of culture points towards solutions that are eventually patented, do those cultures benefit? Unfortunately, no. For example, "121 patented drugs globally are made from plants, 74 percent of which were 'discovered pursuing claims from native fables.'" Yet drug firms reap and keep all the benefits, and even sue to prevent the innovations from being used in those regions. (from Harvard International Review)
  • What's the Cost of Misconduct in a Patent Lawsuit? - This one has an answer: Almost US$17 million. Two pharmaceutical companies looking to produce generic versions of a popular anti-diabetic drug attempted to play the invalidity game and paid for it dearly. Download the brief here. (from Patent Baristas)


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