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12/12/2008 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • Do Patent Pools Encourage Innovation? (Un)Surprisingly, No. - This paper released by the Economics department at Standford looks at the Sewing Machine patent pool that lasted from 1857 to 1877 and finds that innovation slowed as soon as the pool was form. After the pool dissolved, innovation picked up.
  • A rare font copyright case goes to court in China. - Founder Electronics claims that Proctor & Gamble used their "Qian" and "Cartoon" fonts without permission and therefore are asking for 1.478 million RMB. The news article can be found here. (from IPKat)
  • Forget about 2008, 2007 was a banner year for patent lawsuits. - Data released by the Stanford Law School shows 78,000 patent, trademark and tradesecret suits in 2007, which may be attributed to holding companies rushing file suit before any patent reform legislation takes effect. (from The Prior Art)


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