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- Press Release - NAIP Tops 10,000 Taiwan Patent Grants

Patent firm North America Intellectual Property (NAIP) has received notice from the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) for issue of its 10,000th patent granted. Patent number M398638, for a display device, was filed on behalf of client Chunghwa Picture Tubes and published on February 21st, 2011.

"10,000 patents granted is truly impressive," says NAIP Patent Engineer Manager and Taiwan Patent Attorney Frank Wu. “Unlike other Taiwan firms that mainly translate existing foreign patent applications or focus on design and utility model patents, over 75% of our work is in the complete drafting, filing and prosecuting of high tech invention patents. We are really helping Taiwan companies turn their ideas into patents.”

As of March 21st, TIPO's online patent search system shows 10,064 patents granted with NAIP as the patent agent firm of record. Of this number, 9,539 are invention, 450 are utility model, and 75 design patents.

"Last year, NAIP reached over 10,000 United States patent applications filed, making us the largest US patent filing firm in Taiwan by volume," NAIP Patent Engineering Management Supervisor Almon Chen. "This 10,000 Taiwan patent grants milestone just proves again the depth of our experience and expertise in high tech patents."

With clients including 9 of the 10 Taiwan companies listed in BusinessWeek's Infotech 100, NAIP is renowned in the Taiwan IP industry as a high tech patent specialist with focus on Circuits, Telecommunication, Software, Image Processing, Semiconductor Materials, Memory Manufacturing, Measurement, Opto-electronics, Solar Energy, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Structures and Data Storage Devices.


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