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TIPO Electronic Filing System Statistics

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) recently released a one-page report providing a brief glimpse into the status of its patent and trademark electronic filing system.

The data show that since the system's launch in August of 2008, the volume of documents filed through the system has slowly increased to the current levels of over 1,200 documents per month. Most documents filed through the system were previously related to trademark applications, however in May patent-related documents overtook the lead. In June, nearly 700 patent-related documents were filed compared to just under 600 trademark-related documents.

The second graph shows the percentage of documents filed that were new patent or trademark applications. That is, of the nearly 400 documents filed in May, approximately 5 percent were for new patent applications.

This suggests that only around 20 new patent applications were submitted through the system—a mere fraction (0.33%) of the 5,950 total patents applications submitted to TIPO May

TIPO also revealed the top three e-filing applicants, who together accounted for over 1/3rd of all documents filed through the system in June.

A further breakdown of statistics, such as the types of patents applied, is currently not available.

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