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9/19/2008 IP News & Blog Round-Up

  • Is music copyright infringement driving Baidu's growth? – An in-depth report on how China's largest search engine enables surprisingly, blatantly easy mp3 downloads. (from the Register )
  • Interested in Nanotechnology Patent Strategy? - This introduction to some basic strategies for inventors working in nanotechnology can easily be applied to any technology sector. (from Nanowerk )
  • Taiwan jumps to the number 2 spot in IT Competitiveness - According to the latest report by the publishers of the Economist, the US remains the most competitive country for IT, but thanks to increased weight on IT-related patents, Taiwan jumps four spots up to number 2. Download the study here.
  • What are some of the problems facing the global leader in innovation? - The US leads the world in R&D, innovation, patents and more. In face of an apparent plateau in growth, what new ideas and policies have been proposed or implemented? A report that touches on the politics, economics and business of innovation that we can all learn from. (from Businessweek)


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