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Shades of Grey–Determining Patent Quality

By Dean Tan & James Long, Esq.

Translated by Jeffrey Chang
In manufacturing and services industries, quality management has long been a central concept in business operations. Yet, in the patent industry, the concept of “Patent Quality” remains a contentious subject. The majority of people perceive patent quality as difficult to gauge, even something that cannot be objectively and consistently measured on any substantial scale. Many remain accustomed to viewing patent quality assessment as some sort of subjective, esoteric art. But is the quality of a patent indeed so difficult to appraise? Is determination of a patent as “Good” or “Bad” forever prey to the subjective “instincts” of reviewers and department managers? This article will attempt break out of the traditional, restrictive views on patent quality, and offer new perspectives and ideas on patent evaluation, setting forth the principles for measuring—and eventually improving—patent quality.

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    On August 27, 2008 at 11:09 AM Anonymous said...

    Great if complicated test. Any suggestions for determining application quality before filing?

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